The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna: Six More Dreams From The Dark Book

The new Gwenna Luna novel from author Guenther Primig.

The Latest Gwenna Luna Book

“A white witch will be killed,” he said. “A black witch-no. We don’t like those.”
He glanced at her, slyly, reading her.
“What do you think,” Penrod said, “about a sort of gray witch?”

Young Gwenna Luna has been on the run for a year, and it has been a year of fear and loss. And there are the dreams: Of a madman desecrating a shunned grave; of a monster’s voice calling from a moor; of a child’s ghost haunting an old house; of a woman speaking to the dead; of a cursed hunt for a sacred animal.

In the snow-bound loneliness of the forest, Gwenna meets a potential ally. But the strange boy Penrod seems to pursue an agenda of his own, and there is one final dream Gwenna will have to face that leads into her past and, from there, into a very dark place indeed…

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The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna

The Dark Book Of Gwenna Luna

The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna

The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna

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