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Guenther Primig

Guenther Primig is an author and screenwriter of contemporary horror fiction.

Based in Germany, he is the creator of the acclaimed Gwenna Luna series, which has been praised as the “missing link between classic and modern horror fiction” for its strong, relatable female protagonist, modern-day settings and focus on mood and feelings over visceral action and cheap scares. 

The Gwenna Luna Series
By Guenther Primig

The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna

Available in Paperback, Ebook and Audiobook

The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna

Available in Paperback and Ebook


A wonderfully original and haunting anthology of supernatural tales.

D. Smith

Amazon Review

The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna is the perfect book for some eerie reading by the fireplace.

Yana Karsten

Amazon Review

There’s a lot of horrible things to be afraid of. I want to stop something. I want to save someone. I want to know I did some good, have a use. I want to say to myself, just once: “Bam. Good witch.”

Gwenna Luna
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