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Barksin is an independent publishing house launched in 2018 with one goal: to deliver the dark dreams of Gwenna Luna, as told by acclaimed horror author Guenther Primig, to horror fans around the world.

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A Terrifying Vision

The company came out of discussions between Guenther and his close friend, respected digital communication strategist Nadir Catalano, to launch an anthology of short horror stories that Guenther had been writing, and which would become The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna: Six Dreams of the Supernatural.

As the book was developed, the duo sought out British artist Rory Midhani, whom they had both worked with before on other projects, to translate Guenther’s stories into art, creating the signature look for the series. 

With everything else in place, Barksin teamed up with Milan-based communication agency Peterman to craft the branding for the Gwenna Luna series, including the eye-catching logo and design of the first book.

Launched barely one year after Barksin’s formation, The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna: Six Dreams of the Supernatural was noted for its high-quality production and went on to become a bestselling title within the contemporary horror genre, appealing to readers of all ages around the world with its masterful combination of classic and modern horror conventions, relatable central character and emotive narrative arc, and superior visual identity. 

Since then, Barksin has been working on the hotly-anticipated sequel, The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna: Six More Dreams from the Dark Book. Going forward, the company plans to continue the Gwenna Luna series with two new novellas focused on the troubled teenage witch, and are actively exploring other mediums, including potential big screen and streaming TV adaptations. 

Having firmly laid the foundations for new type of mass-appeal horror franchise, Barksin looks set to go from strength to strength as the cult of Gwenna Luna continues to swell. 

The Gwenna Luna Books

The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna

The Dark Book Of Gwenna Luna

The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna

The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna

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